Critic’s Webmaster Directory LIVE!


June 16, 2006



Well, it’s one of my few projects that I actually completed on time! I’m proud to announce…

Critic’s Webmaster Directory

I am still adding the finishing touches but it’s almost finished. The directory has already been getting traffic because I have linked to it from every page of Directory Critic, including this blog. Googlebot, MSN and Inktomi (Yahoo) have already registered over 1000 hits each.

Here’s the information you need to know:

  1. This directory does accept deep links
  2. Im only accepting quality sites
  3. The site is designed to be a real webmaster resource. This means I am also listing articles and adding many of the tools I use every day.
  4. Links are paid, or you get get listed for a PR4 recip.
  5. All links are permanent, including featured links
  6. I will be linking to this site from all up-and-coming Critic Network projects I’ve got coming up

If you find any bugs in the directory please contact me and let me know. Thank you.

For the first 8 people to purchase a featured listing I will give you a free directory-wide text link for 6 months (worth $48)!

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  1. Manish on June 16th, 2006

    Looking nice, Congrats and best luck with new directory.

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